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Croix d'AgadezMeaning Tuareg necklaces Each Tuareg jewelry is unique and represents a message that bears a symbol sometimes forgotten. The necklaces worn by Tuareg women are suggestive of incidents that show and the history of a tribe, a people. Very often, we think that the pendant Tuareg generally represents the sultan's palace or chieftain, the pearls are the different neighborhoods or families of the tribe, in their respective importance to the palace, the triangles designate the nomadic tribes living in the bush and isolated points in the center of the pendant represent the sultan himself and his ministers.

That said, this is not the only representation found in the Tuareg necklaces and pendants. There are often various other symbols of life: man, woman, marriage, pregnancy, birth ...

The Southern Cross or the Cross of Agadez or Iferwan, étaitent once exclusively worn by men and they were passed down from generation to generation during puberty or circumcisions. These were then cross reference to the virility of the young Tuareg and gave a some connotaction its free and nomadic.

The crosses represent the pommel of the saddle of the camel or the four cardinal directions. This is also what is evoked in the transmission of jewelery in the tradition where the father tells his son recalls: "My son, I give you the four directions of the world, because we do not know where you go to die".