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Origin and meaning of the cross of Agadez

Inventory of Tuareg crosses:

There are 21 different models of native Tuareg Cross (22 counting the cross of Mano Dayak, which was invented in 1996 after his death). Each of these cross symbolizes a tribe / city Tuareg and thus allows to identify the origin of man or woman who wear it. One of the most famous remains the cross of Agadez, although today's cross bagazen or that of Tchintabaraden are all too familiar. The origin of Tuareg crosses: The origin of the cross is very uncertain and there are several schools. One of them assumes the existence of cross since ancient Egypt, or more recently, dating from the influence of Christianity (the Christian cross). The other school believes that the cross is symbolic puremment geographic relationship with the cardinal points, which are one of the landmarks of Tuareg nomads. Other hypotheses have linked the cross of Agadez and the cross of the goddess Tanit, the Carthaginian civilization. The Tuareg nomads have a more romantic explanation: the cross of Agadez is synonymous with love: LOVE says T (o) R (a) Tamashek, which is represented by the signs + and O (see drawing). The similarity in effect of signs is appropriate and more likely explanation. Manufacturing method of the cross of Agadez: The silver cross of Agadez (by abuse of language, what is the name given to all Tuareg Cross as it is known) are made by artisans in Niger using the technique of lost form the first step is to modeling wax replica of the cross coarse. Form which is then covered with clay and then baked in a fire fanned by the bellows leather qu'actionne an apprentice. The temperature liquefied wax which escapes through one end, thereby releasing a mold hollow clay wherein the silver is cast. After cooling, the artisan breaks the mold of clay to remove the cross gross. This is by filing and chiseling length he finishes the famous cross of Agadez. The Tuareg necklaces and earrings and other jewelry all Tuareg are generally manufactured by the same techniques.