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The Tuareg jewelry :

Tuareg camelSkill and inventiveness characterize these Tuareg artisans who are known for the splendor and originality of their craft in general and especially their silver jewelry that we carry in mythical universes.

Indeed, silver and ebony are the main materials in jewelry Tuareg, Tuareg women have a superstitious fear of gold: they never wear. Silver jewelry for every family have a value Tuareg partinomique but were in time savings and used mainly as a bargaining chip.

Each necklace worn by a Tuareg woman recalls various anecdotes and the history of a people. Often the pendant represents the sultan's palace, the pearls are the neighborhoods, in their relative positions in the palace, the triangles denote the nomadic tribes living in the bush, the isolated points in the center of the pendant represent the sultan himself and his ministers . There are also various pictorial symbols of man, woman, pregnancy, marriage and birth. The Southern Cross: The Southern Cross or the Cross of Agadez or Iferwan once was exclusively worn by men and passed down from father to son during puberty. They were referring to the virility of the young man and his traditional nomadism.

The cross represents the pommel of the saddle of the camel or the four cardinal directions. The transmission is the jewel in the tradition where the father speaks to his son the eternal sentence "My son, I give you the four directions of the world, because we do not know where you go to die".